> [!languages] [[Marco Noris - Biografia|CAT]] | [[Marco Noris - Biografía|ESP]] | [[Marco Noris - Biography|ENG]] # Marco Noris - Biography > [!noteinfo] [Marco Noris, visual artist - About](https://marconoris.com/about) — Last update: 22/01/2023 13:11 **Marco Noris** ([[../Docs/Utils/Bergamo|Bergamo]], Italy) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. In recent years Noris has developed his artistic practice mainly in the field of painting, directing his research into two main thematic areas: ruin and historical memory on the one hand and territory and [[../Del caminar y del territorio/Paisaje/Paisaje|landscape]] on the other. In his career he has combined studio work with more performative [[../Proyectos|projects]] (2015, _[[../Proyectos/Paratext/Paratext|Paratext]] #07_, Hangar) and with walking as artistic practice. Since 2013, the [[../Del caminar y del territorio/Paisaje/Paisaje|landscape]] has been a key element in his work, a place for events understood also as a stage for defeat and transit, such as border crossings and former concentration camps. His research has led him to deepen and experiment with his relationship with the [[../Del caminar y del territorio/Paisaje/Paisaje|landscape]] and territory through the aesthetic and artistic practice in the [[../Proyectos|projects]] _"[[../Proyectos/En frontera/En frontera#ENG - On the Border|On the Border]]"_ (2017, Barcelona Producció / La Capella ), _"La Entrega, act I"_ (2018, La Panera de Lleida and the [[Centre d'Art i Natura|CAN de Farrera]]), "[[../Proyectos/Lloc, lluny, llar/Lloc, lluny, llar|Lloc, lluny, llar]]”* (2020/2021, Nau Côclea and OSIC) and the most recent _"Sequere"_ (2022, Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs). In Spain, Noris has exhibited in Barcelona (_La Capella, Galería Trama, Cyan Gallery, Galería Esther Montoriol, Galería Contrast, Galería H2O, The Private Space, Casa Elizalde, Can Felipa, Galería Sicart, [[Piramidón]]_, etc.), in Lleida (_La Panera_, _Mare de Déu de la Serra, Farrera, Sant Feliu de Barruera_), in Madrid (_Matadero_), in Huesca (_CDAN_, Fundación Hospital de Bebasque_), in Castellón (_Canem Gallery_), in Vic (_Roman Temple, 5th Biennial_) and in the _MuME, Museu Memorial de l'Exili_ de La Jonquera. Abroad, he has participated in exhibitions and festivals in the United States (New York, _The Active Space_, 2014), Italy (_Different Pulses_, 2013 and _ParmaPoesia_, 2002) and France (Paris, _Centre Pompidou_, 2002). In parallel to his artistic activity, in the last twenty years he has collaborated in different collective projects. Between 1998 and 2002 in Bologna -Italy-, he participated in collaborative projects in digital environments. In 2006, by now in Barcelona, he promoted the self-organization of the artists of the art center of _[[La Escocesa]]_ for the creation and management of a new creation factory. In May 2018, he co-founded _[Fase](http://fase.xyz)_, a centre for creation and thought in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain). Noris was artist in residence at _[La Escocesa](https://laescocesa.org)_ and _[Hangar](https://hangar.org)_ (Barcelona). During 2022 he has worked at the [MNAC](http://www.museunacional.cat) for the elaboration and renovation of the contents and the narrative of the Romanesque art collection of the National Museum of Catalonia. He currently has his studio in _[[Piramidón]]_, a contemporary art center in Barcelona, and he is member of the Management Board of the Art and Nature Center in Farrera. ## Trajectory ### Walking as an artistic practice 2022 — [[../Sequere/Sequere|Sequere (La Entrega, acto II)]] (Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, Lleida, Spain) 2020 — [[../Proyectos/Lloc, lluny, llar/Lloc, lluny, llar|Lloc, lluny, llar]] (Nau Côclea and OSIC, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain) 2018 — [[../Proyectos/La Entrega - acto I/La Entrega - Acto I|La Entrega, acto I]] (La Panera and Farrera's CAN, Lleida, Spain) 2017 — [[../Proyectos/En frontera/En frontera|On the Border]] (La Capella /Barcelona Producció, Spain) ### Installations and solo exhibitions 2021 – _[[../Proyectos/La pell de la terra/Dins la pell de la terra|Dins la pell de la terra]] (entre cims i cavallons)_ in “Un món fràgil”, Embarrat 2021, Cal Trepat, Tàrrega (Spain) 2021 – _[[../Proyectos/La pell de la terra/La pell de la terra|La pell de la terra]]_, Mare de Déu de la Serra, Farrera, Lleida (Spain) 2020 – _[[../Proyectos/Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra/Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra|Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra]]_, [[Piramidón]], Barcelona (Spain) 2020 – _Skins_, [[../Proyectos/La pell de la terra/Errant 2020|Errant Festival]], Sant Feliu de Barruera (Lleida, Barcelona) 2019 - _[[../Proyectos/Refugium, refugia/Refugium, refugia - eng|Refugium, refugia]]_ – MUME, Exile Memorial Museum of La Jonquera (Spain) 2018 – On the Border, La Capella, Barcelona (Spain) 2017 – Art and memory – [[../Proyectos/En frontera/En frontera#ENG - On the Border|On the Border]], MUME – Exile Memorial Museum of La Jonquera (Spain) 2017 – It wasn’t the sun, Trama gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2016 – [[../Proyectos/Refugium, refugia/2016 - (In)refugios/(Un)refuges|(In)refugis]], Roman Temple, Vic (spain) 2016 – [[../Proyectos/Refugium, refugia/2016 - (In)refugios/(Un)refuges|(In)refugis]] 1936/2016, Cànem Gallery, Castellón de la Plana (Spain) 2013 – Under Construction (two artist show), Espai M, [[La Escocesa]], Barcelona (Spain) 2008 – Remote locations, Contrast gallery, Barcelona (Spain) ### Selected group exhibitions 2022 – Another end. THE REMAINDER, El Born CCM, Barcelona (Spain) 2022 – [[../News/2022/2022-07-29 - Caminar los Pirineos - Benasque|Caminar los Pirineos]], Fundación Hospital de Benasque, Benasque (Spain) 2022 – [[../News/2022/2022-06-03 - Caminar los Pirineos - CDAN|Caminar los Pirineos]], CDAN, Huesca (Spain) 2021 – [[../News/2021/2021-11-13 - Fronteres. Línia de tall|Fronteres. Línia de tall]], Museu de l’Empordà, Sala d’Exposicions l’Escorxador, Figueres (Spain) 2019 – Art and Nature (4 artists), La Panera, Lleida (Spain) 2018 – Delicartessen 17, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona (Spain) 2018 – KAK #01 – La Bañera Studio, Sevilla (Spain) 2017 – Venien de lluny, [[Piramidón]] Contemporary Art Centre, Barcelona (Spain) 2016 – Finalists exhibition of “XIII Price of Visual Arts Arena Foundation”, Barcelona (Spain) 2015 – Finalists exhibition of “VI Painting Prize Torres García”, Mataró, Barcelona (Spain) 2015 –  The Wall 4 – Mutuo Art Center, Barcelona (Spain) 2015 – Recomptes (Re–counting) – Sicart Gallery, Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona (Spain) 2014 – Recomptes (Re–counting) – Cànem Gallery, Castellón de la Plana (Spain) 2014 – Artificialia – Cyan Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2014 – Seeking Space – The Active Space, New York (USA) 2014 – Outskirts – Casa Elizalde, Barcelona (Spain) 2013 – Poblenou artistic communities – Can Felipa, Barcelona (Spain) 2013 – Different Pulses I, Cividale del Friuli (Udine, Italy) 2012 – Delicartessen 11 – Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – Fresh!, The Private Space, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – Chic&Arts, Chic&Basic, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – Synthesis, FAD, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – Be intrusive, aDa gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – TOGS, DeeBee gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2011 – HFM, H2O gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2011 – Imprevista n. 3, Barcelona (Spain) 2010 – Off Loop, [[La Escocesa]], Barcelona (Spain) 2009 – Àmbit Ricard Canals, Piera (Barcelona, Spain) 2009 – D\_Fest 2009, Matadero, Madrid (Spain) 2007 – Aires Nous, Contrast gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2007 – The rooms of the blue bird, Livesoundtracks, Esperia Tower, Barcelona (Spain) 2007 – People of Poblenou, C.C. Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain) 2007 – XI Premi de pintura Miquel Viladrich, Torrelameu (Lleida, Spain) 2006 – 5ª Vic’s Biennial, Vic (Spain) 2006 – EMA, [[La Escocesa]], Barcelona (Spain) 2002 – Stanze Aperte, ParmaPoesia 2002, Parma (Italy) 2002 – Polyphonix 4, Centre Pompidou, Paris (France) 2002 – Caffementale, Grottammare (Italy) 1996 – Arte in Borgo, Lovere ([[../Docs/Utils/Bergamo|Bergamo]], Italy) ### Publications · A la Frontera – Ajuntament de Barcelona Institut de Cultura / Folch, 2108, ISBN 978–84–9156–077–7 · Paratext vol. 1 – [[Hangar|Hangar.org]], 2016, ISBN 978–84–617–6320–7 · Imprevista n. 3, 2011, Barcelona ### Grants and awards 2022 – _Empelt 21_, MNAC, Barcelona 2020 - OSIC, Generalitat de Catalunya 2018 - Art and Nature - La Panera and [[Centre d'Art i Natura|CAN de Farrera]] (Lleida, Spain) 2017 – Barcelona Producció 2017–18 – La Capella, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Spain) 2016 – XIII Premio Jose M. Vidal de artes visuales, Barcelona (España) 2013 – [[La Escocesa]] production grant, Barcelona (Spain) 2012 – [[La Escocesa]] production grant, Barcelona (Spain) ### Residences Current residency (since 2017) [[Piramidón]], Barcelona (Spain) 2022 – MNAC, Barcelona 2020 - Nau Côclea (Spain) 2018 - Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera (Spain) 2015/2017 – [[Hangar|Hangar]], Barcelona (Spain) 2005/2015 – [[La Escocesa]], Barcelona (Spain)